Corporatism and Structural Poverty Forum: Full Video

This was a discussion we organized on Corporatism and Structural Poverty, held at the Fayetteville Public library on Januay 12th 2017. While we had a small turnout, I still think our event was a success. We had a lot of great discussion. The camera battery died before the end, so the video stops in the middle of the discussion, but we still got over 2 hours worth of video.

Thanks so much to Abel Tomlinson for recording and participating on the panel, to Bill Orton and Chris Chalfant for also participating on the panel, and to Susan McBay for moderating our discussion. (I know we can be difficult to moderate sometimes.)

Everyone mentioned a lot of different sources, and it would be hard to come up with a full reference list, but for my talk, at least, here are a few of the main sources I relied on:

In the future I think I shall try to schedule similar events later in the day. The time of the event, the poor weather and my own failure to advertise as well as I could have conspired to limit how many people attended, but these are fixable problems.

Thanks again to everyone who came! Feel free to comment to continue the discussion, of course. As always, peace to you.

One thought on “Corporatism and Structural Poverty Forum: Full Video

  • The Fayetteville Public Library on a Friday afternoon: ‘Looking at my audience, I don’t think I’ll ruffle any feathers with the following pro weed portion of my talk…’ (Ha!)

    Also, lol: “It was impossible to have a for-profit medical system and then Nixon said that it would be possible… Prior to Nixon, doctors could make money, but they couldn’t become millionaires. They couldn’t be for-profit before ‘73.” (Oh Barbara, I could plant this comment in the ground and grow another one just like it, it’s so full of manure. Good grief… Very gracious handling, Jacob, not sure I could have bit my tongue so well!)

    Also loved: ‘Bill will probably talk more about inflation [[waves arms]] maybe sing us a song about it…’

    It’s interesting that seemingly non-voluntaryist Statists participated/attended. Happy with how the non-Statists comported themselves — Jacob, you are a great public speaker, and see, I told you Bill wouldn’t use the N word at the library, I don’t know why you were so worried… 😉

    A shame the camera died when it did — I hate that such a lovely event video had to end with the rambling off of a few of the ruling elite’s favorite (if also very weak) arguments for defending what is debatably it’s most structurally important support (State Schooling) without providing the voluntaryist response. Oh well, what can ya do.

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