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    I usually find Jonas Kyratzes’s writings quite thought-provoking, even though I disagree with him quite often. He recently wrote an article discussing Trump’s electoral victory, which I thought others might find interesting as well.

    I guess the underlying idea, that people rejected the status quo in favor of something, anything, that might change things, has already been discussed by others, but I found the comparison with Obama’s first campaign interesting. Jonas seems hopeful that there’s an underlying current among the general U.S. populace towards drastically changing the system. The possibility seems like a reason, however small, for hope that the future could be better than the present.

    I guess that’s my main takeaway from his article. He offers reason for thinking that Trump’s victory is a sign, not of the hopelessness of our situation, but of the potential for getting people on board with attempts to create new systems. I, in my generally pessimistic outlook on life, hadn’t seen it in this way, but once he points it out it does seem plausible.

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