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    Here is my first draft for the tryptic display. We talked about the need for such a display at the last Anarchist Circle meeting. Now I need to go to Hobby Lobby and get the display board, or find a cardboard box to convert to the purpose.

    Any comments or suggestions?

    Ancap display layout

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    What handout materials should be on the table with the display? Maybe…

    1) Jury nullification info, e.g. “Letter to Prospective Jurors” and/or some FIJA stuff.
    2) Anarcho-capitalist book list.
    3) Flier about the NAP.
    4) Links list for polycentric law and/or copies of Rothbards “Defense Services on a Free Market”
    5) “The Anatomy of State” by Rothbard
    6) An anarcho-capitalist quiz? (A similar thing was popular for the FayFreethinkers display.)

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