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    This is, at the moment, just a formality. No one has broken these rules here, and all our current members tend towards civil discussion, and I also intend to err towards extreme leniency in moderating, at least for the foreseeable future. Still, it occurred to me that since I do have a couple of rules in mind that I will enforce with my amazing mod powers, and expect other mods to enforce should anyone else ever become mods, users might appreciate a warning about just what these rules are.

    1) Don’t suicide bait. In other words, don’t tell anyone to kill themselves, don’t ask them why they don’t just kill themselves, don’t hint that you think they should kill themselves, etc. This is a pet-peeve of mine, and I shall ban you, and then you shall be banned, and banned you shall be.
    2) Don’t threaten or call for aggressive violence against other people.

    That’s it. If you violate those rules, I will probably ban you. If you’re clearly joking and other users say they’re not bothered, I may use discretion and decide what to do on a case by case basis, but if you do either of these things, even “jokingly,” you will be bothering me, and, as I am the admin, this is imprudent behavior for those who wish to use the forum. I do not claim to have a thick skin.

    Transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, and similar bother me, but will probably not get you banned. Foul language and so forth will probably not get you banned. Debating and disagreeing with me will probably not get you banned. (As I imagine one can see from the debates we’ve had so far.) Very little, in other words, will get you banned.

    Telling people to kill themselves or threatening aggressive violence will get you banned. Suicide-baiting in particular will probably get you banned permanently. (Like I said, pet-peeve.)

    Not that any current users would do any such thing, you all seem like cool people, even if Hogeye Bill is sometimes less than respectful, here or elsewhere. I’m just making a thread about this so that it exists and in the future I will have something to point users to in case I need to explain why I kicked them out of our humble online clubhouse.

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    So, is linking the lyrics to my hit song Every Dead Narc is One Small Step for Freedom a banning offense?

    What about the commentary about the drug nazi (now governor) Asa Hutchinson?

    Drug Nazi Hutchinson

    DEA Boss Asa Hutchinson
    Dead Narc Nominee

    Leader of the new holocaust, Asa Hutchinson was the
    Adolf Eichmann of the War on Drug Users. He was
    directly responsible for kidnapping and imprisoning
    thousands of people, while sending their
    kids to orphanages and foster homes. It would be
    poetic justice if Hutchinson were sent to prison,
    broom-handle butt-raped by every soul he put there, and
    then have his throat slit. We’ll have to settle for
    the hope that some courageous warrior puts a bullet
    through his brain. Perhaps some pain-racked AIDS
    patient deprived of medicinal marijuana will commit
    a last heroic act of terrorcide and blow Asa’s
    ass away. Hogeye Bill sez,”Die narc scum!”

    What about William Bell’s famous article Assassination Politics?

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    I haven’t read the article by William Bell, so I’d have to read it to see. The first two do not violate the rules I outlined, no, because I specified “aggressive violence,” and you are advocating for retaliatory violence there. Your rhetoric with the Asa Hutchinson example bothers me, but I won’t ban you for it.

    My motivation for starting the thread was your interaction with Craig on facebook that I pmed you about, but Craig said afterwards that he didn’t take your comment as a threat, only as dark sarcasm. Still, if you made a post calling, in jest, for initiation of force against someone, the way you had on facebook, I’d probably delete your post if it was on this site.

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    It was obviously sarcasm. Craig said he does not believe in enforceable norms but does believe in informal lynch mobs, so I replied “If you see Craig on the road, kill him.” Very funny if you know the Taoist line.

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    Spooner Bookman

    What a joke. If Hogeye gets banned for a transparently childish witch hunt then I’m out, too. So disappointed in Jacob. 🙁

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    Will you be able to come to the get-together at Bill’s this Friday at 6, Spooner? We can talk about it then. Perhaps others at the meeting can persuade me that no site-wide rules are necessary. And, of course, the meeting will be held at Bill’s, so there will be no risk of him being banned and not having a say, since it will be his house.

    Even if you’re not there, I’ll bring it up at the meeting and see what others think. I know you live a ways away from Fayetteville and may not be able to come, but perhaps others in the group will agree with you and Bill instead of me.

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    It was obviously sarcasm. Craig said he does not believe in enforceable norms but does believe in informal lynch mobs, so I replied “If you see Craig on the road, kill him.” Very funny if you know the Taoist line.

    I took it as the same as Hoppeans joking about killing people they disagree with by tossing them out of helicopters, on the grounds that those who don’t accept the NAP can be killed with impunity. This seems to have become a running joke among some ancaps, on both Reddit and Facebook, and I was afraid you had succumbed to it.

    I don’t remember Craig saying anything in the thread about lynch mobs. I do remember you claiming, (in I think the same post as your “sarcasm,”) that he was actually arguing from a pacifist position, which, if you were correct, would be a position starkly incompatible with lynch mobs.

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