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    I just sent the following message to Marvin Hilton.

    At our last Ozark Voluntaryists meeting there was interest in having a forum about corporatism. It would be kind of a follow up to the ‘What is Anarchism’ forum. Jacob and I would like to be speakers. I’m sure Abel would be interested. It would consist of different perspectives about corporatism and its causes and history. Since you are the expert at organizing these, we were wondering if you would like to organize it as one of your events.

    I think I will talk about the difference between political entrepreneurship and market entrepreneurship, with examples from “Myth of the Robber Barons.” Also, I might cover the difference between corporations and corporatism, since many seem to think joint stock companies are corporatist as such.

    I suppose Jacob will talk about the history of US corporatism per Kolko.

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    Here’s a “white paper” I did about corporations and corporatism – which is also a book review of “Unequal Protection.” Enjoy! Corporations and Corporatism

    book cover

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