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    I found this essay/Reddit post quite interesting, partially because it struck me as something a market anarchist or “rational choice theory” oriented economist might write, and yet it was written, seemingly unironically, by an ardent anti-capitalist.

    I was curious what others here thought of it.

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    Spooner Bookman

    As for the essay, any critic would of course concede that work such as that of ‘creating friendships’ could be accomplished without coercion, as it’s easy to imagine how work that often brings joy would get done in any society. I think it’s pretty obvious the author’s critics are likely more concerned with work that is not joyous, and is also dull, dangerous, etc. (I’d like to hear the Anti-Capitalist-Anarchist/AnCom answer to that myself — AnCom & the God of Democracy)

    As for your note on the lack of irony, it would appear that the author acknowledges that some goods ONLY get produced in the greedy pursuit of ‘profit’ (of one kind or another) — for example, friendships — and this can be a very good thing… I have no argument with the author there! 😉

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