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    Dugan King> “Trump Poll #4: American Nationalism or New World Order Globalism?”

    False dichotomy. Both nationalism and globalism are fuzzy, ambiguous terms.

    What do you mean by “globalism?” Do you mean support for world government? For an international division of labor? For free trade? For free travel? For international trading cartels like the World Bank and WTO?

    What do you mean by “nationalism?” Do you mean love of your nation-state, its wars and its rulers? Do you mean foreign policy favoring your nation? Do you mean protectionism? Do you mean suppressing freedom of travel? Do you mean “no entangling alliances with foreign nations” or do you mean national aggrandisement using military intervention?

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    Did Dugan answer?

    It seems like supporters of “globalism” might at least be open to abolishing tariffs and borders. I’m not sure what common ground we could have with supporters of “nationalism”. But they are indeed both vague, amorphous terms.

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