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    Hoppe’s “realistic libertarian strategy for social change” (which “must be a populist strategy.”) from this recent speech.

    1. Stop mass immigration. Immigration must be by invitation only [and immigrants should be] barred from welfare payments [and] screened for good-neighborliness.

    2. Stop attacking, killing, and bombing people in foreign countries. We must demand and call out for a strict policy of non-interventionism. Withdraw from all international and supranational organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, and the EU. Stop all government to government aid.

    3. Defund the ruling elites and its intellectual bodyguards. Expose and widely publicize the lavish salaries, perks, pensions, side-deals, bribes, and hush monies received by the ruling elites [and their retinue, cartels, and cronies.] Any and all taxes slashed.

    4. End the Fed and all central banks. Central banks are allowed to create money out of thin air [which] redistributes money within society. Causes boom-bust cycles, and facilitates ever-growing public debt.

    5. Abolish all affirmative action and non-discrimination laws and regulations. All such edicts are blatant violations of the principle of equality before the law. … People must be free to associate or disassociate with each other – to include or to exclude, to join or to separate.

    6. Crush the “anti-fascist” mob. The invention of ever more victim groups and the relentless promotion of political correctness has led to the rise of an “anti-fascist” mob, tacitly supported and indirectly funded by the ruling elites. These “social justice warriors” have escalated the fight against “white privilege” through deliberate acts of terror directed against anyone deemed racist, right-wing, fascist, reactionary, incorrigible, or unreconstructed.

    7. Crush the street criminals and gangs. Equal punishment for equal crime. Get rid of “no go” areas. All prohibitions against the ownership of guns by upstanding citizens should be abolished.

    8. Get rid of all welfare parasites and bums. To cement their own position, the ruling class has put the underclass on the dole, and thus made it their most reliable source of support. The State’s social policy has rendered a person’s underclass status more permanent, and made the underclass permanently grow.

    9. Get the State out of education. Private education worked better than the Prussian system. State institutions’ primary purpose is not to raise an enlightened public, but to raise soldiers and later public servants. We need completely privatize, to replace uniformity and conformity with a system of decentralized education.

    10. Don’t put your trust in politics and political parties. It is the ultimate goal of libertarianism to put an end too all politics – to subject all interpersonal relations and conflicts to private law and civil law procedures. Promote secession and localism.

    Out of Hoppe’s ten points, I agree with seven. I disagree with 1, 6, and 7, knowing that Hoppe intends to use government goons to enforce these items, and government goons have clearly proven themselves to be brutal enemies of liberty. The main problem is that Hoppe seems to favor government violence first, rather than addressing the the government caused these problems. E.g. “Crushing street criminals and gangs” is ridiculous without ending the drug prohibition which it feeds from. Without drug prohibition, massive violent crackdowns by police would likely be unnecessary.

    (6) was a tough one. People who commit crimes to undermine freedom of speech should be arrested, but if armed antifa thugs want to rumble with armed racist thugs, I think the police should stay out of it. Dueling should be legal; it doesn’t violate the NAP. Let the assholes kill each other. In short, the police should protect unarmed demonstrators from attack, but allow the Neanderthals to rumble. It’s good for the gene pool.

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    Spooner Bookman

    You don’t happen to have your own ‘realistic libertarian strategy’ by any chance, do you? (Would be psyched to hear it!)

    What’s your take on Bionic Mosquito’s view on all this? The following is on immigration, but I think it mostly relates?

    I do not accept that there can be any libertarian policy on immigration as long as there is a state; there is no such thing as a “do nothing” option – every option involves an initiation of force. …to advocate for open borders in a world absent full private property rights IS NOT LIBERTARIAN…

    If you and a dozen friends created your own ‘society,’ and you wanted this to be a society solely comprised of Christian families, are you not allowed to exclude others? For libertarians, there is only one answer to this; that our only option is to rely on the state to make this happen… Because we are forced to work via the state in this matter, are we to merely accept being left naked regarding our own personal preferences, our own property?

    I do not advocate for state action; I am stuck with state action – no matter what – on this topic as long as there are state borders… my position on this topic is not libertarian, as no position in a world with state borders can be libertarian.

    …it takes TWO things to come to a libertarian open borders position in a world of state borders: 1) Absolute property rights and all property in private hands; 2) No state involvement in border control. I say why not push for the first… My priority is at the foundation of libertarianism – without absolute private property rights, there is no such thing as “libertarian”…

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