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    As an admirer of Benjamin Tucker’s work, I was surprised to read this article pointing out a quote of his that explicitly says anarchists need not be socialists in order to be anarchists, at least not by definition. Given that Tucker identified as both a socialist and an anarchist, I found it interesting that he would explicitly say this.

    I just thought it was an interesting counterpoint to anarchists who spend so much breath denying that ancaps can be anarchists. Of course, Tucker doesn’t say one can support “capitalism” and “anarchism,” only that one need not be a socialist, so perhaps he would still have come down on the “ancaps are not anarchists, just by definition,” side of the debate. But I still thought it was cool to share.

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    Great article! I hadn’t read that Tucker quote before. You’ve probably seen this Voltairine de Cleyre quote:

    “There are, accordingly, several economic schools among Anarchists; there are Anarchist Individualists [anarcho-capitalists], Anarchist Mutualists, Anarchist Communists and Anarchist Socialists. In times past these several schools have bitterly denounced each other and mutually refused to recognize each other as Anarchists at all. The more narrow-minded on both sides still do so; true, they do not consider it narrow-mindedness, but simply a firm and solid grasp of the truth, which does not permit of tolerance towards error. This has been the attitude of the bigot in all ages, and Anarchism no more than any other new doctrine has escaped its bigots. Each of these fanatical adherents of either collectivism or individualism believes that no Anarchism is possible without that particular economic system as its guarantee, and is of course thoroughly justified from his own standpoint.” – Voltairine de Cleyre

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    I’m not sure if I’ve seen that quote from Voltairine de Cleyre before or not, but I like both that quote and the other work by her that I’ve read! There’s an essay coauthored by her and reprinted in Markets Not Capitalism that I really liked, which argued that individualist anarchists wanted to achieve something close to what communist anarchists wanted to achieve, just through different means, (free competition rather than abolition of markets.)

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