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    I just saw that someone has made a simple “choose-your-own-adventure” style chatbot that explores the question of whether taxation qualifies as theft.

    I’d wanted to see someone do something like this for a long time. In another thread I mentioned having an idea about how to solve the “which answer do you use?” question. This is pretty much what I was thinking of.

    I’d like to see more projects like this one, making use of interactivity to communicate in ways other mediums can’t. One of the many advantages is that chatbots like this, even multiple-choice style ones, can give the reader a chance to provide input and let the software know what they’re thinking, which in turn can be used to tailor the answers to specific readers. Someone writing a program like this one could include a dozen different answers and try to provide the one that might best persuade each individual user.

    I encourage my friends here to play through Bitbutter’s program and send him feedback to help him improve it! And, if people find the idea of libertarian chatbots interesting, perhaps we could start other projects along similar lines, discussing various topics.

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    Spooner Bookman

    That thing is great! And I agree, the more of these the better.

    I was just thinking how cool it would be to check the usage/analytics after you get some people using it: you could see which ‘paths’ get taken the most, which could give some real insight into ‘which answer do you use?’ in a real world convo where you can’t possibly guess which answer to use — you could just go with the statistically most common…

    Also, I bet that taking almost any question and then writing out the answers in a ‘tree structure’ (or whatever you call it) like this would be super educational… I kinda want to try it out on some of my thoughts just to see what it looks like.

    Nice find!

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    This is kind of the original idea of hypertext. Composing a really good one that anticipates all possible objections is the hard part.

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