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    I have a new project, and I invite people to join me. The online “an anarchist faq” is a crock of disinformation. Too many people read it and think they know something about anarchism, when actually they got a very biased anarcho-socialist take on it.

    I intend to write a better FAQ on anarchism – one that counters their sectarian garbage with … ours. In 1995 a group of anarcho-socialists wanting to undermine anarcho-capitalism decided to

    1. create a FAQ that defined ancaps out of anarchism
    2. make a coalition with mutualists by framing mutualism as socialism rather than capitalism.

    They succeeded at both. So I propose we use and *reverse* their strategy and

    1. create a FAQ that defines ancoms out of anarchism
    2. make a coalition with mutualists by framing mutualism as capitalism rather than socialism.

    So I need volunteers to help write the new FAQ. I think that we should basically take what makes sense in the lame anarcho-socialist faq and throw out the garbage, e.g. all the shit about hierarchy and exploitation theory.

    Did I tell you that I just bought the domain name “”? (I just bought it, so it will take a week or so to activate.) Let’s make a high quality FAQ, and then get it to #1 in search engines on “anarchist faq.” I think that is quite doable!

    Here’s my starter page.

    Which section would you like to volunteer to write (or rewrite/edit using the lame ansoc faq.)

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    I’ve reorganized the outline/sections. I will do part I and II and IV. I is complete, II is in progress. I am looking for volunteers to do the other parts.

    1. What is Anarchism? (Bill)
    2. Why are anarchists against the State? (Bill)
    3. How does anarchism help solve our major problems?
    4. Are “anarcho”-communists really anarchists? (Bill)
    5. What would a stateless society look like?
    6. What do anarchists do?
    7. Do you have symbols & art?
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    The first draft is done. I’m basically waiting for to start working, and then I will publicize it, with your help. Some of the sections need work, and are mainly “slugs,” placefillers. Here’s section V.

    V. What would a stateless society look like?

    Section VI still needs writeups on:
    VI.C.1 – Crypto-currencies
    VI.C.2 – Blockchain Trust – deeds and proofs and reputations
    VI.C.3 – Local ownership, coops, and mutuals
    VI.C.4 – Neighborhood arbitration and watches

    Volunteer writers are still needed for these topics.

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