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    In an effort to expand our outreach to other individuals in the NW Arkansas area, I would encourage the individual members of the Ozark Voluntaryist Network to create a Coeō account and join the NorthWest Arkansas Freedom Cell circle!

    As an individual in this area, I was under the impression that I was one of two individuals in this area who possesses a passion for truth and freedom. While I was happy to know there was at least one other individual in this area (whom I have now met in person as a result of joining the larger Coeō network), it was a bit discouraging to find so few individuals in this area through the tool. It was not until recently that a representative from the Ozark Voluntaryist Network created a Coeō account and contacted me through the tool. I think that having more individuals in this network (and specifically, in the NorthWest Arkansas Freedom Cell circle) will attract more liberty-minded individuals to this area while offering hope and encouragement to individuals like myself who are looking to build fruitful relationships with others in the area.

    Here is a link to the NorthWest Arkansas Freedom Cell circle. Please let me know if this link does not work for you:

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    I just joined, not that I have a clue what the “collaboration” tools they offer are. I’ll explore and find out.

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