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    This may tie in to Jacob’s ideas of a mutual defense organization, or coalition. I wonder if there is any advantage to declaring one’s property a stateless zone – a new libertarian nation (micro-nation). Fela used this idea as a form of protest with his Kalakuta Republic. There have been attempts like Laissez Faire City, setting up a libertarian enclave in Costa Rica. What do you think of publicly declaring one’s abode a stateless zone, part of Ozarkia Free Zone. Call it a liberty sanctuary zone, where decreed law is not recognized but morality is. The downside it that we might be reporting our “outing” ourselves to evil government agents who mean us harm. Like writing on Facebook.

    Does anyone have any comments about starting a “libertarian nation” project here in the Ozarks?

    Nation Founding Classics: Laissez-Faire City’s ad in The Economist

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    I think the idea might be useful for gaining attention, and encouraging people to look into libertarian ideas. But beyond that, I doubt it would have much of an effect, unless combined with other things like agorism.

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    Here’s an interesting “Covenant of Unanimous Consent” that could be used for any anti-statist mutual insurance group, or micro nation, or PDA, or any libertarian association or club.

    Actually, there are a couple of tweaks I would make in that covenant.

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