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    Has anyone else looked much into the anarchists in Rojava, over in the Middle East? I’ve heard about them through reddit before, but hadn’t looked deeply into what they’re trying to do. I’m wondering how long they’ll be able to last, given that they’re apparently living in a warzone. From what little I’ve read so far, they seem inspiring.

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    In a war zone, their “revolution” is likely to be corrupted, just like the Spanish Anarcho-socialist Revolution. That is a cautionary tale, where everything went bad. The anarcho-socialists mass murdered perceived ideological enemies and Catholics. They sold out to the State from the get-go – Republican, Communist and Fascist. They betrayed the urban factory collectives, joining the State to support confiscation of 85% of all profits. They engaged in forced collectivization of rural areas. They voted for conscription, so long as drafted anarchists could serve in anarchist regiments. And so on. I’m amazed that the columnist (and e.g. Abel Tomlinson) speak as if the Spanish Civil War was a success for anarcho-socialism. It should be an embarrassment.

    The Anarcho-Statists of Spain: An Historical, Economic, and Philosophical Analysis of Spanish Anarchism

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    I had seen that article by Bryan Caplan before, but, daunted by its size, put off reading it until another time. Having now gone ahead with reading it, I must say I am disappointed and saddened that the Spanish Anarchists ended up betraying their values so thoroughly.

    I really hope Rojava doesn’t end up the same way. Are you familiar enough with the “Free Territory” in Ukraine to know how well they did in comparison?

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