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    Jacob created an Ozark Voluntaryist FAQ. Let us know what you think about it. Here are my comments:

    Great FAQ, Jacob! A couple of minor suggestions:

    1) The Ozarks include southwest Missouri.
    2) I would prefer a definition of “voluntaryism” that does not include the seeming non-violent phrase “that force be abandoned.” That is very misleading, and I think we agreed that is a Carl Watner quirk.
    3) Maybe the NAP should be mentioned. Perhaps point #3 could be broken into two parts, with “Isn’t our society already a voluntary one?” talking about aggression and the NAP (in various forms, including Huemer’s “presumption” rather than “principle”), and making “What is your opinion of Social Contract theory?” a separate point with your current explanation.

    I wonder what the best link for explaining the NAP is? Or do I need to write one myself?

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