Peace with North Korea

On the 12th of August, 2017, about a dozen people gathered at the courthouse in Fayetteville Arkansas to speak out against Donald Trump’s threats of war with North Korea. I went to see who all came, and I was able to record the video above, in which a poet, (whose name I regrettably did not catch, though if anyone knows feel free to mention it in the comments,) wittily criticizes Trump’s actions since taking office. Abel Tomlinson, who organized the event, then talks about why he felt the need to speak out, calling on Congress to take away Trump’s power to unilaterally authorize a nuclear strike, and asking everyone to talk with friends and family about our shared need for peace.

I know that, sometimes, events like these seem fruitless; what politicians would listen to protesters here in the Ozarks? But when I was chatting with those who came, someone pointed out that we were starting conversations in the cars that drove by. I think they were right, and I think this makes it worth it. One person actually rolled down their car window while waiting at the stop light to say they wished they could stand with us. These are the people we want to reach, and can reach, not our rulers but our neighbors. If we can start people talking, and thinking, about important issues like the survival of the human species and what-not, then I think it’s worth standing for a little bit on the sidewalk holding signs and getting to know like-minded people.

In any case, I am, personally, at least glad to know I am not alone in opposing war.

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    • Thank you for letting me know! I thought his speech was both funny and pertinent, I’m glad I was able to record it and post the video!

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